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We offer several different styles of posts for your signage installation needs. Whether the installation in in Soil, Concrete, Asphalt or just temporary we have a solution for you! With our experience we are happy to help you choose the right post for your specific situation. We are able to meet you onsite, complete a walk through and come up with a signage plan specific to your needs. Below are some examples of different posts and their uses

With all the different types of sign posts, each one has its benefit, whether it is starting price point, longevity and strength or even visual appearance. Each different post will provide a similar base foundation of how it operates, but the significant change is the visual appearance, installation, and how they lat after being hit.

Flex Posts provide a great solution to your parking lot needs. Whether you want to install directional signage, reserved parking signage, or even for pedestrian wayfinding signs. With many different designs, heights, and color options we can certainly help you find the right solution. We are proud to have partnered up with Flex Post Inc. to provide you with their full line up of Flex Posts and Bollards.

Did you know the average cost in Canada to replace a damaged Telespar Post in your parking lot is $700.00? With the Flex Post system you signs can be with stand being struck and save you money each time by standing back up right and not laying on the ground.
Flex Post

U-Channel Posts offer a great, affordable solution, for both temporary and permanent signage. These posts can be installed year round, and are light duty posts. These are most commonly found in urban areas, parking lots and private functions. They are available in varying lengths!

U-Channel Post

Telespar Posts are more heavy duty than U-Channel Posts, and are available in a couple different sizes (1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4"), these can be installed directly into soil, concrete curbs, and even sidewalks. These provide a great solution for larger or heavier signs, and can be installed in pairs to help with the wind load.Telespar Posts have a quick connect coupler available as well for permanent installations which makes maintenance incredibly quick and easy!



Available in multiple colors, flex bollards are a great option to protect objects in your parking lot, or the store front!

Flex Bollard
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