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About Cracksealing

LUMO Construction Inc. is pleased to announce we can help you and your team with even more Parking Lot and Private Roadway Maintenance:
We offer crack sealing in both the spring and the fall seasons. When it comes to a minimal investment for a long-term return, Crack Sealing offers you a great solution to ensure the asphalt stays in great condition.
Spring applications are used to ensure there is not any water saturation into the base layer, and would help mitigate soft spots in the base layer from forming, causing parts of the asphalt to sink or to crack.
Whereas Fall Applications are used to fill the cracks and help prevent increased cracking and damages from our harsh freeze-thaw cycles we get by preventing water and ice build up in the cracks.

What Causes Pavement Failure?

Asphalt Failure can happen for a number of reasons including but not limited; to Water Damage, Expansion and contraction due to our vast temperature changes, heat exposure, and weight from heavy vehicles. It is vital to maintain your asphalt with Crack Sealing to prevent the cracks from becoming larger and causing substantial damage.


Asphalt cracking is the most common reason for asphalt to fail. It is imperative to stay on top of your crack(s) to ensure they do not spread, opening up becoming more susceptible for water damage, and even allowing plants to take root in the crack. It is rather common for asphalt to crack over time due to the base layer settling, the heat from the sun breaking down the binder, and from our harsh environment here in Alberta.

Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking forms when the subgrade and asphalt base begins to compact due to heavy loads/vehicles. Alligator cracking is commonly found in parking lots, along edges of the road where it meets the soil, and common travel paths. Initial cracks will form and spread through water intrusion, further exacerbating the problem.

Pot Holes

Potholes are formed through prolonged water settling in existing cracks in the surface. If alligator cracks and other asphalt stress cracks are not treated, water will begin to deteriorate the surface all the way down to the sub base. This will cause large holes to form in the asphalt, which will spread and cause damage to vehicles. Once a pothole is formed, a patch can be applied to the surface, but because the sub base has been compromised the area will continue to become compacted.
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