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Flex Post, Flex Bollards and Bollards

Flex Post Products and Applications

LUMO Construction Inc. is pleased to announce that we are one of FLEX POST CANADA's preferred installers for Alberta.

With several different projects completed utilizing the Flex Post brand of Impact resistant posts we have found these stand up the test of time and the test of multiple impacts!

With various different styles of prdoucts; Flex Post offeres applictions for everyone. The Flex Post Products come in regular or standard duty service, and many come in a heavy duty service/application to ensure maximum strength.

Why choose a Impact Resistant Post?

Impact Resistant posts can replace your traditional posts, they add the benefit of standing back up after being struck. Being flexible in nature the posts cause less damage to vehicles, and are cheaper to maintain.

In Canada the average cost to replace a sign and post in a parking lot is $700, if you have a few locations that are trouble some and get damaged time after time a Flex Post is a great solution for you! Though the initial material cost is slightly more, it can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the sign.

For a full line up of the Flexpost products check out Flexpost Canada's webpage

Flex Post has installation options allowing their posts to be installed in just about any application, whether it is a sign that is going into soil, concrete or asphalt we have a solution for you.

Flex Post2

What is a Flex Bollard

Flex Bollards are much like the traditional bollard, however causes much less damge to the surface it is mounted to/in, and to the vehicle or equipment that struck the bollard. It has a High Density Polyurethane cover that is available in multiple colors and sizes. The Flex Bollard can be utilized to protect objects in the parking lot such as fire hydrants, signs, curbs or it could be used to section off specifc areas in the parking lot.

flex Bollard

Projects with Flex Post

We have utilized flex posts in several different projects and have chosen a few to highlight here.

Reef Parking Edmonton

Flexbollard6 X

Reef Parking was a unique install for us. The customer wanted to section off a part of their parking structure. They utilized Flex Bollards, and then ran a chain between each bollard to create a barrier. we were happy to help with the installation. We installed over 30 different bollards in the Parkade for them and it turned out great!

Amazon Canada

amazon1 X

We have been fortunate enough to install over 100 Flex Post products on various Amazon Canada Projects as well! We utilize these for potential problem areas where they may frequently get hit.

All photos and videos are owned privately by LUMO Construction or Flex Post Canada and used with permission.
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